The scratching post and its interest

How to teach a cat to use a scratching post

If you have a cat and a sofa, you probably need a scratching post to prevent it from ending up in tatters. You don’t need a particularly large or expensive scratching post; you can make a fantastic scratching post through the budget and homemade options.

Whether it’s an adult cat or a kitten, they can all learn at different rates, of course.

Stop suffering for your furniture and fabrics and teach your cat once and for all to use a scratching post.

Choosing the Right Cat Scratcher House

You should know that there are many different types on the market. Finding the right one for your cat isn’t always easy.

Make a homemade scratching post

To start teaching your cat to use it, you need to make or buy one. There are many types and varieties of scratching posts, but remember, it doesn’t matter if you buy a cheap one on sale, your feline will be satisfied with little.

How to teach him to use a scratching post

Scratching is an ancestral and innate habit of cats. Not only does this serve them to sharpen their claws, with which they must hunt their prey. But they also impregnate the furniture with their body odor. It’s one more way to mark their territory.

It’s important to teach your cat to use a scratching post if you want to prevent your furniture from ending up destroyed, frayed and broken. Most cats teach themselves to use a scratching post. But in other cases, you will have to guide your feline in this learning process. Here are some helpful tips:

Where to place it. If your cat seems to have a predilection for scratching on a particular piece of furniture or sofa, this will be the perfect place.

Encourage your cat to use it. Dangling a ball, feather duster or mouse from the scratching post is a great way to encourage your cat to approach. He should fiddle with the new object, which he will use out of sheer curiosity and amusement.

In principle, your cat should start using the scratching post naturally because for him, filing his nails is pleasant and very beneficial.

What if he doesn’t want to use it?

Some cats refuse to use the scratching post you tenderly offered them. Do not despair, your cat needs more time to understand how it works, it does not matter, it is commonplace.


Tricks and tricks

If your cat seems completely uninterested, there are a few tricks you can use.

Imbue the scratching post with its scent. Rub its blanket against the scratching post so your cat feels it as something of its own. He should then naturally rub against it by instinct.

The catnip trick. If your cat seems to like catnip, feel free to place some near the scratching post. You can even rub this herb against it.

Take part in the game. In the previous step, we advised you to play with the scratching post and the cat at the same time. This way you not only have fun together, but also stimulate your pet. He will then use it and make the connection with something positive.

Use positive reinforcement. Every time you see him approaching or scratching the scratching post, you should praise him. A piece of sausage, hugs and kind words are more than enough. You have to make your cat understand that you are satisfied.

Don’t let him scratch the furniture. If your cat is still a kitten, when you see it scratching on another piece of furniture, grab it and bring it directly to the scratching post.

Get another one. Sometimes the design of the scratching post does not please them. You can buy one that can be stuck on the cat house indoor to simulate the same shape. This should prevent your cat from destroying your furniture.

Follow these tips more or less regularly. With a lot of patience and affection, something all animals need.

Being abrupt, using physical force or not spending enough time training your cat is a big mistake, take this into account.